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At any point in time, your mature manufacturing plants or your growing start-up manufacturing site will present the need to Upgrade, Retrofit, Expand, or Modernize a particular aspect of your sanitary process systems or a major overhaul to boost the production capacity, recipe changes, or directional changes due to plant conglomeration. Whether aging systems and piping, unforeseen system failures, changing product mix, or expanding nationally or with new product lines, the majority of process manufacturers are not always staffed internally to implement the entire project from start to finish.  Placer Process team can help you with your needs from audit to design to fabrication, installation, controls and automation, project management, and other ongoing service or plant modification needs.

Our commitment to you is to help you solve your toughest challenges in the plant. Placer Process is a design-build general engineering contractor specializing in executing your entire project from beginning to end — on Time, On Budget, and On Task.

Our solution-oriented approach allows us to design, build and install sanitary food, beverage, wine, beer,  dairy, cheese, and specialty alternative food process systems to meet your needs. Not only the sanitary system, we can also support your utility process needs considerations providing you with a more well-rounded approach for your project. Collaboration, teamwork, and joint participation are our advantage while taking the best of both worlds of your internal team’s experts combined with our practical knowledge and expertise in sanitary and utility design practices.

We work with you every step of the way, from identifying the problem to creating the solution. Whether you need a process design developed for your multi-phase projects, a custom system built on-site or on as a frame-mounted skid module, process piping and equipment installation, or controls integration needs, you can count on our team’s strength and quality sanitary fabrication tools and methods for your installation project requirements. You can involve us to complete a turn-key system including design, procurement, fabrication and installation of process piping and utility systems, or alternatively engage in a standalone design, fabrication, and field installation services.

Process Equipment Design

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Design Services

The key to a successful process upgrade, expansion, modernize, and retrofit project in your plant starts with the Design. Our project managers, engineers, and site supervisors will take the time to review your current plant condition, listen carefully to what you would like the current, immediate, and long-term process goals would be, and conceptualize one or multiple solutions using the up-to-date technology and current best practices to ensure the solution meets your needs not only today, but well into the future. Whether upgrade, retrofit, expansion or modernization, our experienced team has seen and done it before. Our team of experts have experienced in designing process plants as part of process improvements, expansions, retrofits, modernizations, or from the ground-up. We have in-house team to develop a plan and design for various aspects of the project, including process and utility systems required to get your project up and running. The key to our success is in our well-rounded, collaborative, and practical design philosophy and approach incorporating our depth as experienced designers, fabricators, and installers.
Sanitary Process System Design Contractor

Fabrication Services

Once our design team provides you with a custom designed and engineered solution based on your goals and project needs, we will fabricate the equipment based on our best-in-class and innovative approach to delivering sanitary process solutions.

All our fabrication is done with in-house resources, and is specifically built to the form, fit and function necessary to your project. Our fabrication team is staffed with experts who work alongside with our design team and are capable of meeting various fabrication requirements.

Our production facility is equipped to fabricate products from skid mounted CIP systems, to blending and batching systems, tanks, pasteurization systems, and more. Everything we do is based on meeting the exacting specifications of the design while satisfying regulatory requirements that may need to be incorporated as part of the project or company-wide standards.

Process System Fabrication

Installation & Process Piping Services

Historically, a major challenge for food and beverage manufacturers engaging in a sanitary process systems project has been the need to engage and coordinate multiple service providers, each delivering a different part of the project. With Placer Process, it’s different.

As a general contractor in multiple states, we are able to combine the function of a designer, fabricator, installer and construction manager in a single company. Placer Process’ design-build services provide the advantage of a fast track construction approach that is focused on the specific needs of your project.

While Placer Process has worked with various projects solely involving equipment installation, process piping, and utility piping systems with the specifications provided by the customers, the design-build approach provides operational advantages with a simplified contract with a partner to streamline the project and be more cost effective and time efficient by providing all services needed to successfully design, fabricate and install your sanitary process systems project.

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Controls & Automation Services

A well-designed system with reliable control and automation is essential to gaining the most value from your sanitary processes. A proper control and automation system can increase productivity, product quality, reduce downtime and associated maintenance costs.

Placer Process has experienced electrical engineers on staff, that can design, develop and implement an appropriate control and automation system designed specifically to your manufacturing line to provide maximum benefits and to optimize your processes. Whether you need a new system to support your design-build project, or you want to upgrade an existing design and control system, Placer Process is capable of meeting your need.

Field Services

Critical to a successful sanitary process systems project is the successful management of the project, and the supporting field services both during and after the installation and testing.

All of our efforts are plan driven, with best practices-based project management methods. We pride ourselves on providing 100% transparency across the project lifecycle. Our field services team provides turn-key piping and equipment installation, project execution, as well as maintenance, troubleshooting, and audit of your process and utility systems—everything considered to produce a successful project.

Field Services for Process Systems

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